We excitedly share the incredible moments we experienced at the “Workshop on Machine and Statistical Learning with Applications”!

This exceptional event took place on June 14th, gathering a distinguished community of national and international researchers specialized in various fields, including neuroscience, machine learning, and statistics.

During this gathering, we had the honor of listening to and learning from some of the brightest speakers in their respective fields. Each presenter provided us with a unique and enriching perspective, sharing their expertise and advanced knowledge in the world of data science.

From neuroscientists exploring the mysteries of the brain to machine learning experts driving technological innovation, each presentation was a true source of inspiration. It was fascinating to witness how these disciplines intertwine and enhance each other to drive significant advancements in today’s society.

This workshop was not only an excellent opportunity to learn but also to connect with passionate professionals and visionaries from around the world. There is no doubt that the connections and collaborations formed during this event will continue to drive significant advancements in research and the application of these disciplines in the future.

If you missed this event, don’t worry! We are providing you with the opportunity to access the presentations of each speaker.